Great medicine is our foundation.
Our Lifewellness programs prove it.

Lifewellness programs are tailored to fit your lifestyle. We work with you to identify your needs and find solutions for improved health and longevity. Set in a serene, healing environment, we provide comprehensive medical services with our team of knowledgeable medical professionals. We conduct annual physical exams for a “deep dive” to help us understand you better. These cover fitness and nutritional evaluations, body composition analysis, and bone density scans with personalized recommendations from our doctors. Our extensive examination also includes ultrasound and X-rays. At Lifewellness, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive medical care, while advocating for your health and coordinating with outside providers when you need it.
Doctor Rice discussing MRI with patient.

The Chief Wellness Officer Experience

The Lifewellness Chief Wellness Officer Experience (CWO) is centered on our Foundational Physical, custom lab panel, and includes year-round care. This plan is perfect for anyone wanting to maintain or improve their health with regular guidance just a phone call away. Truly comprehensive, the CWO Experience includes quarterly follow up appointments to monitor your progress, and year-round access to the Lifewellness Team.

The CWO EXPERIENCE includes:

LifeCheck Plus Experience

The LifeCheck Plus Experience (LC) starts with our Foundational Physical, custom labs, and includes a follow up appointment to review results and recommendations from the team. This plan provides a once a year look at your health and limited on-going support throughout the year. Regular health maintenance would be provided by your own primary care provider.

The LC Plus Experience includes:

The LifeCheck Experience

Our LifeCheck Experience (LC) Includes our Foundational Physical, custom labs, and a follow up appointment to review results and recommendations from the team. This plan provides a once a year look at your health with the Lifewellness Team. On-going care would be provided by your own primary care provider.

The LifeCheck Experience Includes:

Employee Wellness Education

Healthy employees are happy employees and Lifewellness offers engaging wellness programs. Each program is individually designed to address your employees’ interests as well as corporate goals. With a healthy focus on fun and accessibility, our programs can improve individual performance, team productivity, and refresh corporate culture.

Popular programs include:

Corporate Executive Physical Program

Our Corporate Executive Physical program allows businesses to provide their employees with an enhanced health care experience. A LifeCheck or Chief Wellness Officer experience shows employees they are valued and can help keep employees at the top of their game. See the Chief Wellness Officer and LifeCheck programs descriptions above or call us for more information.


Lifestyle Medicine Program at Rancho La Puerta

The Lifestyle Medicine program combines the medical expertise of Lifewellness with a visit to the world-renowned Rancho La Puerta Resort and Spa. Your visit begins with our Lifecheck Program and a personalized healthcare plan. You will then travel to Rancho La Puerta where you can explore our recommendations: spend a relaxing time with nature, try a plant-based diet, and experience a reprieve from technology. At the Ranch, our personal Lifestyle Medicine guide will assist you in planning unique experiences that meet your needs — featuring a variety of exercise and movement classes, meditation, hikes, music, art, and spa treatments. There is no better gift to yourself than spending time to improve your health in a safe and relaxing environment like The Ranch.

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