Maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your entire family

With personalized care from Lifewellness Institute

Experience Medicine the Way It Should Be

Your health is complex, and addressing your needs takes more than a prescription or quick visit. Lifewellness addresses the issues that will make the most difference in all stages of your life. As a proud affiliate of San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center, we are an experienced team of experts that understand health care needs to evolve from birth, through many stages of growth and development, to the complex problems that occur as we age. We provide compassionate care for people of all ages, including athletes, and offer executive and corporate wellness programs.

Lifewellness Programs

As experts in preventive medicine, our team believes in treating the whole person. We want to know about your life experiences, your psychosocial journey, how you feel about your health, exercise, and the foods you choose, as well as your physical symptoms.

Our comprehensive annual examination includes a detailed physical exam, consultations with exercise and nutrition professionals, and in-house lab work, as well as X-ray, ultrasound, and bone density assessments.

This data will then be collated and summarized to help you implement lifestyle habits that will lead to a longer and healthier life. Additionally, you can opt for year-round access to the team to make even greater strides in improving and maintaining your health.

Premier Primary Care Program

Our Premier Primary Care (PPC) program is for those who value a close relationship with their physician and direct access to care while still utilizing their PPO insurance. The reasonable monthly membership fee allows physicians to limit their number of patients. This will ensure you have adequate time and access to care, and your health is addressed in a more comprehensive way. With a PPC membership, you can also text and communicate directly with providers after office hours or for urgent care needs, and we are able to accept most PPO insurances. All PPC providers want to help you make your health a priority, and support your wellness journey.