Talks at Rancho Valencia

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The Science of Screen Time

With Dr Rice and Dr. Shannon Cheffet, of San Diego Sports Medicine

How time spent in front of electronics affects your body, your brain and overall health.

Dr. Cheffet is an internist and pediatrician soon to be joining the staff at Lifewellness Institute.

Adolescent Mental Health: What Your Kid Tells Me When the Door Is Closed

Loving Your Brain with Dr. Mohammed Amed of the Kaizen Brain Center

Kids want your trust, respect, unconditional love, honesty, fairness and boundaries.

Dr. Rice has counseled many parents and their children to find the common ground for successful parent-child relationships. Spoiler alert…it involves hugs.

Cutting Edge Sports Medicine

What is exercise LOAD? Should I ice an injury? Does kinesiology tape work? The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen, dry needling and more in this ask-me-anything session with Dr. Rice

Breaking Up With Sugar

Limiting added sugar may be the single most important thing you can do for your health.

By combining genetic information, MRI studies and lifestyle habits, the Kaizen Brain Center can provide a more precise assessment of the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The Kaizen Brain Center is located in La Jolla, California in the UTC area.

Stress and Creating Balance

‘Wellness isn’t just about living, it’s about how we live, our life balance, the quality of our relationships…its much more than just being here.’


Clean-er Holiday Eating
Brain Healthy Meals

Breaking Up With Sugar
10 Steps to Healthy Sleep

Linda’s guide to using EWG Seafood Guide to choose healthy seafood options. Click on photo below.