About Us


Lifewellness Institute was born of necessity.

Tired of practicing medicine confined by the limits of insurance and managed care, Dr. Rice envisioned a patient centered practice, with the right experts, providing a level of care that would change lives and make people well. A pioneer in the field of wellness, Dr. Rice was ahead of his time.  Lifewellness Institute was a labor of love for Lee and his wife Mary, and this love is evident in every aspect of the clinic and the care provided. We are family, sports, functional and preventive medicine providers,  with a focus on lifestyle medicine for the entire family.  Experts in addressing complex problems of aging, we care for multiple family generations, athletes young and old, and provide executive wellness and corporate wellness programs. 

Prevention is the foundation for health.

Understanding how to practice key lifestyle habits can prevent the development of many modern  diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Working with you, our team will help you adopt healthier lifestyle habits that best fit your goals and needs. Like a trusted family member, always encouraging, always supportive, we’ll tell it to you straight and be your guide to making the health care choices you feel best for you.


ApoE genetics: what your genes want you to know

By Dave Larson, MD ApoE Genetics: As the prices of genetic testing have fallen, more and more data is being generated about the interplay between our genetic code, our lifestyle choices, and the burden of disease. For example, every baby born in the US is tested for Phenylketonuria (commonly known …

Attitude of Gratitude

by Ryan Bart  “Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” ~Rumi Two people can share the same experience on the outside, such as watching the sunset at the beach, yet their inner experience is likely substantially different. This is based on the lens …